This is the process of sanitizing and controlling the menace caused by insects, e.g. mosquitoes, cockroaches, termites, flies, wall gecko and so on.

Pest Control

This is the laying of bait at strategic locations to catch and kill, thereby controlling the destructive activities of rodents, such as rats, bats and snakes.

These insects and pests could bring about harmful illness and diseases and hence, they pose as threat to human life and wellbeing.

Benefits of regular fumigation

1.      It minimises the menace and harmful effects caused by insects and pests to health and properties.

2.     Provides a clean, healthy and tidy environment for living or working.

3.     Puts a stop to the destructive activities of insects, pests and rodents.

Fumigation process

For an effective fumigation exercise, the area to be fumigated has first to be inspected, to determine the following:

1.      Type of pest.

2.     Level of infestation.

3.     Nature of business to be done.

4.     Identification of possible source and point of entry.

The knowledge gained from the above investigation would enable us to determine the appropriate chemicals and other necessary actions required and also to advise the client on future prevention.

The solution used for fumigation is based on the investigation carried out which would then determine the mixture of chemicals and the appropriate proportions required. The solution is then poured inside the solution tank of the manual or motorized spraying machine, which is then mounted on the back of the operator, for application.


Prior to the fumigation exercise, clients are advised to:

1.      Remove all edible matter from the area to be fumigated.

2.     All utensils must be thoroughly washed after the fumigation.

3.     The internal work area should be closed for about 4 – 5 hours after the fumigation.


We have three stages of supervision and quality control:

1.      Well-trained supervisors from our company are on site to supervise the work of the operatives. They ensure that the operatives are present and punctual and that there are no lapses in the work done.

2.      Site managers oversee the work of the supervisors and the quality of work done by the team. He ensures that the supervisors are at their point of duty and are working appropriately, in accordance with the terms of the contract.  He communicates with and ensures that the client is happy with the quality of our service.

3.     In addition to the above, there is a regular satisfaction form that we submit to our clients for completion. This enables us to know if our clients are pleased with our service and to address any issue they may have, within 24 hours.

In addition, we pay monthly management visits to our entire staff, to ensure quality service.

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